The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority May Recommend Banning Paraquat

The world is waking up to the dangers of paraquat not being worth the benefits the defoliant provides

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Monday, May 31, 2021 - Every nation that considers banning paraquat must be taken seriously, and their efforts are worthy of respect. Using paraquat on the crops that we eat and feed our children would be patently absurd if it were not for economic considerations. Paraquat is a poisonous chemical that kills weed at a small fraction of the cost of manual labor. Farmers use it to kill weeds near rice, cotton and soybeans, and wheat crops. Paraquat inhalation is linked to Parkinson's disease by iron-clad studies from top scientists working for world-renowned universities. Inhaling the deadly toxin which farmers use to kill weeds that have become resistant to Monsanto's Roundup, can cause the death of brain cells responsible for producing dopamine, a critical neurological transmitter of information from brain cell to brain cell. Paraquat is already banned throughout Europe, China, and Switzerland where ironically the chemical is manufactured. Paraquat disease lawyers offer a free consultation and work on a contingency basis.

Both the United States and Australia have failed to keep pace with protecting their citizens as the governments of "the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, and European Union nations have. However, it's still widely used by farmers in the developing world, and Australia and the United States." Both the US Environmental Protection Agency and Australian health authorities consider paraquat safe if used as directed on the label. Both countries have gone to an extreme to require that farmers using paraquat become trained in its application and acquire a license. No unlicensed person is permitted to apply the chemical. Storing paraquat is restricted to its original packaging since storing it in other containers has often resulted in accidental poisoning. It is Australia's turn to do the right thing and rid their country of the deadly chemical that affects the neurological system, alters DNA, and could contribute to the epidemics of childhood autism and obesity. reports, " The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority has been reviewing paraquat's use here for more than two decades, and its final decision is due later this year." Australia's environmental and medical scientists are also concerned that the chemical has serious adverse effects on the environment. The author remembers a deadly event involving paraquat. " In Australia in 2012, for example, a farmer died after a herbicide containing paraquat accidentally sprayed into his mouth." People with Parkinson's disease are filing lawsuits that claim that their Parkinson's disease was caused by working with or living around farms that spray paraquat. Parkinson's disease is a lethal neurological disorder. The first bellwether trial is on June 1, 2021. Plaintiff attorneys expect thousands of Parkinson's disease sufferers will come forward in like fashion when they realize that Syngenta, the maker of paraquat, failed to warn them that the chemical could be so toxic. If you or a loved one lives near or works on a farm that sprays paraquat and has developed Parkinson's disease you should visit a Paraquat Parkinson's Disease lawyer for a free consultation.

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