Residents Of About A Half-Dozen California Counties Could Have The Greatest Risk of Developing Parkinson's Disease From Inhaling Paraquat Fumes

California leads the nation in the gross tonnage of using the controversial weedkiller paraquat

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - Paraquat is a horrible chemical defoliant that has caused thousands of unnecessary deaths from accidentally drinking it and using it to committing suicide. Since 1962, the chemical defoliant has been sold under the brand name Gramoxone by the Chinese government-owned, Swiss-based Syngenta and also Chevron. It is remarkable to note that both China and Switzerland have banned paraquat but allow it to be manufactured and sold abroad. It also is marketed under the brands Blanco and Parazone. Paraquat is sold as a dry chemical and water needs to be added. Syngenta Corp. and others are the defendants in hundreds of lawsuits filed around the country and now consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Southern District of Illinois. The company making paraquat is accused of negligence and fraud for failing to warn its users of the deadly neurological diseases that the weed killer allegedly causes. Plaintiffs with Parkinson's disease, a long-term, irreversible, neurological disease claim that applying paraquat and inhaling the resultant paraquat mist regularly, caused the disease. Parkinson's disease lawsuits are also being filed by people who live or work near Paraquat-spraying farms and paraquat mixing facilities. Paraquat Parkinson's disease lawyers are interviewing farmworkers and others seeking monetary compensation by filing a paraquat Parkinsons disease lawsuit.

People and organizations that monitor environmental and human health issues tell others that they are concerned by the prodigious amounts of paraquat herbicide being dumped onto the soil, air, and water. It seems that paraquat is the weed killer of choice on farms where weeds have grown resistant to Monsanto's Roundup herbicide made from glyphosate. Farms in Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Iowa are the largest users of paraquat, and the health of people that live or work around such farms could be at risk. California is the state with the highest level of paraquat usage despite the California government's declaration of being a green, environmentally conscious state. People living in Fresno, Kern, and Kings County in California may have the highest risk of developing Parkinson's disease as paraquat spray drifts onto their communities, churches, businesses, and homes, followed by residents of Tulare, Merced, San Joaquin, Madera, and Stanislaus counties. Parkinson's disease increased by more than double from 2010 to 2020, as did paraquat spraying.

Parkinson's News Today (PNT) implied a concern for the way farmers, farmworkers, and the people who live and work nearby farms that spray paraquat, health is being adversely affected by inhaling the fumes that drift onto their communities with the prevailing wind. Researchers at PNT recently wrote: "Prolonged, low-level inhalation of the common weedkiller paraquat, implicated in the risk of Parkinson's disease, caused male mice to lose at least some of their sense of smell, a study reports. This work also supported previous studies showing the inhaled chemical enters the brain via the olfactory nerve. For details about this and study titled: "Paraquat Inhalation, a Translationally Relevant Route of Exposure: Disposition to the Brain and Male-Specific Olfactory Impairment in Mice," please visit the journal Toxicological Science's website.

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