Parkinson's Patient Points to Paraquat Poisoning

Another Parkinson's disease victim has filed suit alleging that coming into contact with the lethal herbicide paraquat is to blame

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Saturday, May 1, 2021 - According to New York Legal, the Illinois woman sprayed paraquat weed killer on her farm crops for about 25 years and would often come home covered in the aerosol herbicide. "The plaintiff used paraquat products regularly and frequently between 1975 and 2017 on her parents' farm, as well as from about 1980-2017 on her own farm growing corn, soybeans, and wheat. During these times, she regularly mixed, loaded, and cleaned up paraquat products, as well as sprayed them for weed control around crops using hand-held sprayers or a tractor with a spray rig," the Examiner told readers. The majority of the woman's paraquat use came before the Food and Drug Administration tightened restrictions on spraying, storing, and transporting the deadly chemical. Proposals have been made to require farmers who spray paraquat on a farm of greater than 80 acres over less than 24 hours to do so while protected by an enclosed cabin on their spraying vehicle. Scientists are convinced that inhaling or otherwise ingesting paraquat can kill the cells in the brain that produce dopamine, the chemical responsible for transporting and coordinating signals that govern normal movement. Parkinson's disease is a degenerative, progressive, and irreversible destruction of the motor neurons and leads to a lack of coordination, tremors, unwanted reflexes, and the like. Parkinson's patients also have difficulty speaking and remembering things like person's names and places. Paraquat Parkinsons attorneys offer a free consultation and no obligation to file a claim.

Attorneys representing the paraquat Parkinson's plaintiff will no doubt call upon studies that have been conducted that point to the likelihood of developing Parkinson's the closer one lives or works to a farm or tract of land where it has been sprayed. Environmentalists are also concerned about paraquat runoff into streams and lakes that supply the drinking water to nearby neighborhoods only a sip of paraquat can result in serious injury. One leading study was conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology and published in 2009. The study found that persons living or working within 550 yards (or about a third of a mile) of a farm that uses paraquat has a 75% risk of developing Parkinson's disease and the longer one has been exposed the greater the risks." according to the Examiner. Most all studies show that living or working near paraquat sprayed farm can double or triple the risks of getting the neurological disorder. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that drinking as little as a teaspoon of paraquat can lead to death. Those who spray paraquat for occupational purposes must get a license and become certified before using paraquat.

If you or a person you know accidentally ingests paraquat you should look for the signs that they have become seriously ill and require immediate emergency medical attention. A person may have paraquat poisoning if their mouth or tongue becomes swollen. Other symptoms may also include vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea that may have blood in it," according to the Examiner.

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