Paraquat Plaintiffs Come From Unusual Sources As The Chemical´s Use Proliferates

One Paraquat Parkinson’s disease plaintiff testified that he saw Paraquat crop dusters flying over his house regularly and that the smell is always in the air

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Monday, September 27, 2021 - Paraquat Parkinson`s lawsuits are filed by farmers, farmworkers, landscapers, golf course maintenance workers, and many other occupations. More than 300 lawsuits have been filed by individuals with surprisingly diverse backgrounds, alleging that inhaling paraquat caused them to develop Parkinson`s disease, a deadly, permanent, irreversible neurological disorder. People suing Syngenta and Chevron came from a pool of farmers and farm workers that regularly came into contact with the chemical. Flaggers who walk the field during paraquat spraying waving a flag signaling crop-dusting paraquat-spraying airplanes where do drop the herbicide have also filed lawsuits. Flaggers routinely come home covered in paraquat as do farmer workers that walk up and down each row in the field using backpacks to spray paraquat. When a person is drenched in paraquat, the person doing the laundry is being exposed to the hazardous chemical also. People and children who work, live, and play in communities that surround paraquat-spraying farms are also at acute risk of developing Parkinsons disease. A golf course maintenance worker recently filed a paraquat Parkinsons disease lawsuit. Millions of people that play more than one round of golf per week could also be at risk of inhaling more than enough paraquat fumes during a season to induce neurological damage. Landscape maintenance workers whose job it is to handle and spray paraquat also have filed suit claiming that their exposure to paraquat caused them to become ill. To this day paraquat carries no warning about paraquat dangers from inhaling low dosages of the defoliant. Those working at mixing facilities are also at risk of developing the disease. "As more individuals discover that their diagnosis may be the result of Paraquat exposure, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of additional claims will be filed in the coming months and years," according to

Studies indicate that repetitive low-dose exposure to paraquat through the air can damage the olfactory system and destroy the brain cells that are responsible for making dopamine, the chemical in the brain that is responsible for coordinating the signals that govern motor skills. People with Parkinson's disease gradually lose the ability to walk and talk. Before that, Parkinson's disease destroys the ability to control the muscles and causes stiffness and spasms. Eventually, the body can not control the ability to control every muscle in the body including the heart and lungs.

A recent case against the makers of paraquat has been filed by Joel and Kim Coburn alleging "paraquat exposure while mixing and sprayed it on potatoes from 1993 to 2012. In about 2008 he began experiencing symptoms of Parkinson's disease and was officially diagnosed with the neurological disorder in 2009," according to (AL). The plaintiff alleges that he was not warned of the risks of developing Parkinson's disease during the entire time he worked around the chemical and that the manufacturers either knew or had an obligation to know of the dangers and to warn consumers.

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