Paraquat Is Used In Many Surprising Places Not Just On Farms

It may be easier to ask where paraquat is not used than to try to identify and regulate all the places it is

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Saturday, July 3, 2021 - Most of the paraquat Parkinson's disease articles focus on farmers that spray the weedkiller in-between rows of crops to kill weeds. Killing weeds around crops is essential because the unwanted vegetation uses water and nutrients that could otherwise go to the plant. Farmers, unconcerned about the long-term health damage caused by chemical weed-killer swear by them as essential to delivering a cost-effective crop and earning a profit. Paraquat is linked by scientific studies to causing Parkinson's disease in farmers and those who live, work and play nearby farms that use the chemical. Paraquat Parkinson's disease lawyers are being approached by people who live and work near farms that spray paraquat, asking them if they qualify to file a lawsuit. Paraquat, however, is used in many other situations, not only on the farm. According to the Weed Society of the Republic of China, paraquat is used for weed control in nonagricultural areas such as: "roadsides, airports, around commercial buildings, drains, irrigation ditches, and waterways. It has been employed for killing illegal marijuana crops in the U.S. and in Mexico. It has also been reported as used in shrimp and prawn farming." Wildlife exposure to paraquat occurs when local governments spray paraquat on highway dividers and mediums, railroads, by electrical utilities to defoliate through forests and woodlands beneath power lines. If paraquat is so highly toxic that only one sip can kill a human being, it goes without saying that spraying tons of the weedkiller through forests and fields is also killing wildlife. Paraquat's toxicity to animals may also contribute to pollinating honey bee colony collapse. Paraquat Parkinsons attorneysare ready to fight for you and offer a free consultation with no obligation to fie a claim.

While plaintiffs are most concerned with paraquat leaching from farm crops into the water table and nearby waterways like streams and rivers, paraquat is also being sprayed directly into the water. A lawsuit that was filed recently and reviewed by New York Legal Examiner brought this to mind when a Louisiana man, a professional at spraying paraquat, claimed that he sprayed paraquat on water weeds to kill unwanted weeds and vegetation during his employment with local government. NYLE told readers, "work(ing) for the Parish of Lafourche as a dragline operator, where he (plaintiff) would spray paraquat over roughly 200 acres. He would mix the chemicals in tanks and spray them on water lilies and other vegetation." Prior to working for the local government, the plaintiff sprayed paraquat on his father's soybean and sugarcane farm for nearly 20 years. The lawsuit continues to note studies of well water in California that have been tested and found to contain herbicides. "A population-based study of residents of rural California with historical pesticide use in the area published in 2009 concluded that "consumption of well water potentially contaminated with pesticides may play a role in the etiology of Parkinson's disease." People with Parkinson's disease have registered to file Paraquat Parkinson's Disease lawsuits.

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