Paraquat Can Kill Even When The EPA's Instructions For Use Are Followed To The Tee

Paraquat drift can be unknowingly ingested by breathing paraquat fumes that have drifted on your community

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Saturday, June 26, 2021 - The Environmental Protection Agency has taken steps to protect farmers and farmworkers from the health hazards of using paraquat but has left the general public to fend for themselves. Last time, I wrote about the Environmental Magazine's (EM) take on the damages to human health paraquat eand other agricultural herbicides and pesticides may be causing to those who live, work, and play nearby American Farms. EM highlighted that paraquat can cause human health damage to people in communities surrounding farms that spray paraquat and the physical signs to look for that a person may be developing Parkinson's disease, a deadly neurological disorder that permanently and irreversibly destroys muscle coordination. Paraquat Parkinson's disease lawyers are interviewing farmworkers and others seeking monetary compensation by filing a paraquat Parkinsons disease lawsuit.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) agrees and recently submitted comments to the EPA on the registration review for paraquat. The EWG wrote the following: "As the EPA has stated, paraquat spraying can lead to contamination of drinking water sources. In sum, people may be exposed to paraquat from both food and water, in addition to occupational and bystander exposure from paraquat spraying."

Repeatedly inhaling low doses of paraquat vapor that has drifted into the air can kill the brain cells responsible for producing dopamine, a neurological chemical that coordinates communications among brain cells. EM agrees that people who have had their health damaged by inhaling, drinking, or otherwise unknowingly and unwantedly ingesting paraquat may seek monetary compensation. If you live, work, or play in a neighborhood near a paraquat-spraying farm, you should consult a paraquat Parkinson's disease lawyer to see if you qualify to join the increasing number of individuals that have filed lawsuits. Paraquat Parkinson's disease lawyers are available for free consultations. Some will not charge clients unless they achieve a favorable settlement. Paraquat's maker, Chinese-owned, Swiss-based Syngenta Corp., is accused of fraud and negligence for failing to warn consumers of the risks of developing Parkinson's disease. In my opinion, the upshot to the EM article is that paraquat should be banned outright as there is no mechanism in place to safeguard the millions of Americans that live and play near paraquat farms.

The EWG is fighting Syngenta and the Environmental Protection Agency about the government allowing paraquat's use to increase exponentially throughout the United States and that the EPA has not taken measures to ban the chemical. Those in California, Minnesota, and Illinois may be the most at risk as more tonnage of paraquat is sprayed than in most other places. That is not to say that other states are safe because farms in Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Iowa are also using and abusing the deadly defoliant. And their use is growing month over month with no signs of abating. Paraquat is the weed killer of choice to be used as a last resort when all others have failed. Farmers look to paraquat as the final solution when their weeds have grown genetically resistant to Monsanto's glyphosate in Roundup herbicide.

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